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Could you tell us a little bit about your musical roots at all?
My influences are vast and wide; when I was younger my dad listened to classical, Jazz and 60’s rock. When I found my own tastes I was into Detroit techno, Acid, dub, 90s ambient and experimental music like Aphex twin and Square Pusher, it was when working at clubs like the End I really discovered the underground house sound of the time which was tribal, electronic and tech house it was really fresh and was the perfect antidote to the big room trance by numbers sound that dominated the super clubs then, I suppose all these influences remain in my music today, rather than following the latest trends I like to blend what I like from today’s sounds with music influenced by my long love affair with electronic music. When I make music I tend to go with the feeling, I really like to put my soul into it.

What type of equipment did you start off using back in the days?
I got interested in sound and early music technology at the age of 10. I was making bleeps on a computer and using a Tandy mixer, a Jen synth and a Roland TR606 drum machine to make music of sorts, recording my mum singing. I was totally obsessed with sound and manipulating it. When I moved to london me and some friends built a studio with an Akai S900 sampler and an Atari Running Cubase and a few synths.Then I got my first Groove box which was the Roland MC505 I loved the way this worked a sequencer , drum machine and synths all in one box! 

How did you learn to produce electronic music yourself?
Yes i am self taught I did some courses in Sound Engineering when I was younger which was really handy to learn about how sound works, but the production thing i taught myself very young !

And how do you like the clubscene in London nowadays?
Yeah its cool its not what it was , Berlin is much more how it should be for me at the moment london used to have those vibes and I am sure it will return to its hey day. At the moment it seems like its very money orientated dominated by big brands and massive events with huge DJs, smaller nights with a more niche sound have kind of dropped off the radar but you still have plenty of people flying the flag London is a big city so will always have multiple scenes at once.In Berlin you have lots of clubs with smaller dance floors and a very unique feel it caters for more left field and underground sounds and is less about super star DJs and more about people who love music and live from their art.

Why did you decide to make a live studio EP instead of a "normal" studio EP?
I have been performing live for over 10 years now and have released a couple of live albums on the Zoo Projects label and later on my Label cubism they where continuous mixes and not DJ friendly so i was trying to rework the live stuff but it never had the same energy. so with Machine Jams on my label Cubism I decided to go into the studio with Justin Drake with a live set and edit out tracks so its all live he just tops and tails them makes them DJ friendly and then masters them. I release these live jams and was blown away by the support the album went on to be one of Carl Cox’s favourite of the year he played 6 of the tracks for 6 months at Everyone of his Space Final Season gigs , BBC Radio 1 essential mix , Hyte Berlin and loads of his festival gigs also he was putting 2 tracks a week on his Global show. The press loved the album Mixmag came to see my live show at Basing house and gave it a great review and DJ mag highly praised the album. From then on i decided i wanted to release live jams more than studio tracks since then the Live Jams have been getting a lot of attention with Kevin Saunderson and Darren Emerson signing them to KMS and Detone and B Traits playing a track on BBC Radio 1and Vonda 7 playing a track from the Lauter Unfug release on Sasha’s radio show.

What are the problems and benefits of releasing music these days?
I mean sales are really bad but also because we are dealing with digital files its easier to send them to the DJs. If your doing something that is not that orthodox then sales are slow but constant. I still sell 1000’s of records just a lot slower than when i started releasing stuff !

What do you think about social media and being present on so many channels nowadays?
I like it as a live act it gives me a chance to show people what i do in ways that where not possible before.

Have you ever felt in love with a certain synth?
Oh all the time i constantly fall in love with synths !