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“Artist Unknown” is perhaps the biggest swindle in electronic music history. While all others present themselves as a consumer product, Artist Unknown keeps its honest unknown face. In no other band members are so unique and yet so interchangeable as in Artist Unknown. The band member could be you and your unknown neighbor. This is our new normality.
With their first releases “Future” and “Errorist” on the label Disko B in 2001 and equipped with a necessary dose of humor Artist Unknown did leave nothing to be desired. The label DataPunk made the series in 2006 complete with their release of the album “Present”.
The unidentified men never spared any effort to combine style, irony and nutty New-Wave sounds with the new achievements of a digital studio world.
Since the eighties all songs have been purchased, stolen, played, produced and performed under the most difficult conditions. Artist Unknown are errorists with love guns in your deepest controlled unknown world.
In 2014 the best songs from Artist Unknown have been re-mastered and edited by the new label New Normal Recordings and re-released on the digital album “Past”. Just click below to listen a little preview:
Artist Unknown pre-listening
Artist Unknown is back for live as the past is written now.