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Darkroom Dubs

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Darkroom Dubs is an independent record label, run by Glasgow Dj & production duo Silicone Soul. With a back catalogue spanning over twelve years, the Darkroom Dubs raison d'être is to support underground electronic music regardless of style.

Charged with the purest distillation of the edgy early hours spirit from which house music was originally forged, Darkroom Dubs has become renowned for Silicone Soul's walks on the dark side and for showcasing likeminded producers, drawn to mining the deepest substratas with a freedom to explore in; the ultimate bastion of deep electronic dance music.

Recent artists include Ev Freska, jozif, Of Norway, Silicone Soul, Simon Garcia, Uner, Antonio Olivieri, Ryan Crosson, Jairo Catelo, Gary Beck, Dimitri Veimar, Skinnerbox and dubspeeka.

"I am beginning to feel this nocturnal existence tell on me. It is destroying my nerve. I start at my own shadow, and am full of all sorts of horrible imaginings…"





Antonio Olivieri Live (Germany)
Antonio Olivieri on Soundcloud

Soukie & Windish DJ (Germany / URSL Booking)
Soukie & Windish on Soundcloud

Skinnerbox Live (Germany)
Skinnerbox on Soundcloud

Of Norway Live (Norway)
Of Norway on Soundcloud

Pedro Aguilar DJ (Portugal)

Id!r (Paris)
Id!r on Soundcloud

Bloody Mary (Berlin)
Bloody Mary on Soundcloud

Madmotormiquel (Berlin/ URSL)
Madmotormiquel on Soundcloud

Dimitri Veimar (Moscow/ Berlin)
Dimitri Veimar on Soundcloud

Pedro Aguiar (Lisbon/ Lost & Found)
Pedro Aguiar on Soundcloud